Cat Spay & Neuter Clinic for RI Residents – PAAWS RI

Cat Spay & NEUTER Clinic for RI Residents 

Dr. Annette Rauch, Dr. Andrea Jackson, and the PAAWS RI staff are teaming up with Friends of Animals in Need as well as Volunteer Services for Animals (VSA)  to host a monthly low cost Spay and Neuter Clinic event.  

This event is for cat owners in our community that are experiencing financial difficulties. Appointments are made on a first come first serve basis.

Why Spay / Neuter ?

This routine procedure provides vital benefits to your pet and helps control the homeless cat population

Spay (Female)

  • No heat cycles
  • Eliminates the huge stress on your cat's health from pregnancy 
  • Less desire to fight and roam
  • Risk of mammary gland tumors, ovarian and/or uterine cancer is reduced or eliminated
  • Do your part to reduce all-time high number of unwanted cats/kittens

Neuter (Male)

  • Reduces or eliminates risk of spraying and marking 
  • Less desire to fight and roam
  • Risk of testicular cancer is eliminated 
  • Increases the overall health of your cat
  • Do your part to reduce all-time high number of unwanted cats/kittens

Spay / Neuter Donation Fee Includes:

  • An exam, Rabies vaccine, Distemper vaccine, nail trim and a dose of Revolution flea treatment (kills fleas, ear mites and intestinal parasites).
  • FIV/Feline Leukemia/Heart Worm Testing, Microchipping, alternative flea treatments and de-worming are available at additional cost.




  • For cats ONLY
  • Must be a RI resident
  • Cat must be OWNED by you & in good health
  • $50 donation for a spay (Females)
  • $25 donation for a neuter (Males)
  • Cats must be in a secure carrier

If the above donation fees are something you still cannot afford, please reach out to us so we can work together to find additional funding.


Don't have a cat that you need neutered/spayed but want to show your support? Please consider making a donation or sponsoring a cat to be spayed/neutered. We have limited funding for this event and want to help as many kitties as possible. Your small donation will go a long way!

How to Reserve Your Spot

You must reserve your spot ahead of time. (Limited spaces available, first come first serve basis)

Please fill out and submit the form below to request an appointment time and send in your information.  

Openings are shown in real time as they become available and as they are claimed.

Any canceled appointments will be immediately relisted.

Please check back often if there are no available times left on the sign-up form